FSI DSS provide support in learning how to improve daily living skills, develop relationships, gain access to community resources, and establish and achieve personal goals, and provide emotional support through problem solving and decision making.

This service can be provided for people living with family or independently up to 24 hours per day, based on the needs of the individual. Services must be provided in a manner that ensures the person’s health and welfare.

Common Areas of Support

  • Medical. Support to address medical concerns, such as scheduling, attending and transporting people to medical appointments. Medication education can be provided. Medication Administration is prohibited.
  • Health and Safety. Address issues of health, nutrition and exercise, teach menu planning, food shopping, food preparation skills, and personal care as well as community, home and personal safety.
  • Self-Advocacy. Encourage and support individuals to speak for themselves and make their own choices.
  • Building Healthy Relationships. Support that enables an individual to visit with friends and family in the community. Involve individuals in various community activities in order to broaden opportunities for relationships to develop, including volunteer experiences. Support that enables the individual to exercise rights as a citizen, such as assistance in exercising civic responsibilities. Entrance fees to events and membership fees are not covered under this service.
  • Financial Stability. Assisting people with budget related issues, such as saving to purchase larger items, banking, bill paying and shopping.
  • Household Maintenance. Basic support with cleaning, laundry and general maintenance concerns.
  • Emotional Support. Offer empathy and suggest problem solving techniques to support the person to problem solve.
  • Transportation. Explore public transportation options, such as learning how to negotiate the local bus transportation system, using a taxi or local van service.

Request for Services

All requests for Home and Community Services must first be approved by a Support Coordinator who determines the eligibility for service. There is no charge for services. Once eligibility has been determined, the Support Coordinator submits and Request For Proposal to Southern Alleghenies Service Management Group.

When chosen as a provider the appropriate ID Team Leader will meet with the person and their family/guardian to determine the services requested, schedule the times of service delivery and assign staff based upon the person’s needs and choice.