Personalized Support for Blair County Residents

Through self-determination and the use of guiding principles, Family Services Incorporated provides personalized support to individuals with intellectual disabilities.  The services listed below are provided to residents of the Blair County Pennsylvania Community.

Community Residential Program

Our licensed homes in local neighborhoods provide 24-hour supervision for up to four people per home. Individual supports for people 18 years of age or older are developed through an Assessment and Individual Support Plan process... [read more]

Life Sharing Program

Licensed programs provide one or two people the opportunity to live with a host family in a private home. The host family provides food, shelter, and personal care in support of a person with an intellectual disability as a family member...[read more]

Home & Community Services

Home and Community Services is designed to support people in accessing and using community resources including transportation and activities of community life, developing and maintaining financial responsibility, and participating in community groups including volunteering...[read more]