If You Answer “Yes” To One Or More Of The Following:

  • Do you feel lonely, confused, depressed or anxious?
  • Have you or others in your family been victims of physical, emotional or sexual abuse?
  • Are you or your partner having problems with your relationship?
  • Is someone under stress due to separation or divorce?
  • Are you a single parent facing the emotional and/or economic stress of raising children?
  • Is a child, adolescent or adult in your family having trouble with the law?
  • Are you or someone in your family being affected by substance abuse?
  • Are you or someone in your household under stress due to a layoff or unemployment?
  • Is the relationship strained between children and parents?
  • Are children showing behavioral and/or learning problems in school?

Why Counseling?

Life’s problems can become so tough and confusing that it is difficult for you and your family to work them out alone. A caring professional counselor can help explore issues and options with you, help you understand and possibly resolve your concerns.

What Services Are Provided?

Family Services Incorporated provides counseling services for individuals, families, partners and groups. (Children 14 and older may request services without the consent of their parents.)

Family Services Incorporated partners with other community services and may also refer you to these other resources, if needed. The goal of this program is to help you improve life skills, such as: problem-solving, decision-making, resolving grief and conflict, communicating and life management.

Who Provides Counseling Services?

Counseling services are provided by trained professional(s) who are licensed in the State of Pennsylvania having completed masters’ degrees in social work or related fields.

Are There Any Costs For Counseling Services?

Counseling funding consists of: government grants, private donations, and client fees based on a sliding scale.

How Do I Find Out More Information Or To Schedule An Appointment?

You have three ways:

  1. Call:Call counseling services at 814-944-3583, Monday – Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm.

  2. E-mail:Email us at info@familyservicesinc.net.

  3. Write:Write to Family Services Incorporated at 2022 Broad Avenue, Altoona, PA 16601.