Meeting Individual Needs

The intellectual disabilities program of Family Services Incorporated follows the principles of “Every Day Lives”.    Everyday lives values what is important to people with disabilities and their families, who are striving for an everyday life.  An everyday life is about opportunities, relationships, rights and responsibilities. It is about being a member of the community, having a valued role, making a contribution to society, and having one’s rights as a citizen fully respected. People with disabilities have a right to an everyday life, a life that is no different than that of all other citizens. The values that are most important to people with disabilities are: control, choice, freedom, stability, health and safety, being connected, responsibility, communication, success, employment, individuality, relationships, partnership, quality, and advocacy.

Intellectual Disabilities Program

What started in 1976 as a foster home for children with intellectual disabilities, has evolved into the Intellectual Disabilities Program serving all people in need of Residential Support,  Life Sharing opportunities, and Home and Community Services.