Free and Confidential Services

For more information please call our hotline at 814-944-3585 or 1-800-500-2849.

The Victim Services Program offers a hotline which is answered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by trained staff and volunteer advocates. Hotline advocates offer compassionate and nonjudgmental crisis intervention, emotional support, safety planning, information, options, community referrals as well as education on common reactions crime victims may encounter. All calls to this hotline are strictly confidential.

Victims are not the only ones who can use our hotline for support; we welcome family members and friends of victims, the professional community and first responders to call our hotline as well.

Medical accompaniment: Victim Services Program advocates will accompany victims of crime to the Emergency Department, Child Advocacy Center or other medical facility when requested. As part of the accompaniment service, our advocates will also provide emotional support, personal advocacy, safety planning, information and referrals, and transportation for clients.

Criminal Justice Accompaniment: Victim Services Program advocates will accompany victims during police and district attorney interviews, assist in the preparation of victim impact statements and provide on-going support throughout the entire criminal justice process. Legal advocacy services can also be provided for Preliminary Hearings, Pre-Trial Hearings, Trials, Guilty Pleas, Sentencing, and Civil Protection Order Hearings.
The Victim Services Program offers a client-centered approach and recognizes that each situation is unique. We work with victims to understand what they are most concerned about right now and offer the most relevant information about their options. We believe that victims have the best sense about the help they need and we provide appropriate referrals to help in the healing process.
The Victim Services Program places a high priority on ensuring that victims are afforded their rights at medical facilities and in the criminal and civil justice systems. The Victim Services Program will advocate on behalf of individual victims, with their concurrence and input, to help ensure that their rights are not violated and that they are not subjected to other adverse actions because of their victimization.
The Victim Services Program offers trauma-focused therapy for survivors of crime and abuse of all ages. We use evidence-based approaches to help survivors overcome trauma reactions that they can experience for months or years after.
Our advocates work with individuals and families to help process their experiences, identify their immediate needs related to the crisis and begin the process of regaining a sense of personal power or control.
While victims can make safety plans on their own, it is often helpful to enlist the assistance of trained professionals. Our advocates can help identify safety risks and protective factors and assist in developing an individualized safety plan.
The Victim Services Program offers weekly support groups to address the varying needs of survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. Specially trained facilitators provide information, options, support, as well as counseling.
The Victim Services Program operates the Civil Protection Order office located in the Blair County Courthouse in Hollidaysburg. Legal advocates are available to provide assistance in filing protection from abuse orders, sexual violence protection orders, and protection from intimidation orders.

The Victim Services Program provides temporary emergency shelter to those in immediate danger because of domestic violence.

Once crisis needs are met, advocates will assist in the development of service plans with goals to find safe permanent housing, financial stability and employment.
After the initial 30 days of emergency shelter, guests can apply for transitional housing, which provides additional time in shelter to obtain permanent safe housing. This program is available to all eligible guests for a maximum period of one year, depending on individual circumstances.
Mobile Advocates have the ability to assist victims where they are needed: in homes, schools, and local businesses- bringing the traditional victim services to those who request individual tailored services outside of Family Services Incorporated offices and shelter.
The FSI Justice Project is a civil legal representation office that provides free representation to low-income victims and survivors of domestic violence in civil matters such as divorce, custody, child support, and housing among other things.
To raise awareness of domestic violence, sexual violence and other crimes the Victim Services Program offers training, workshops, and seminars to law enforcement, health care professionals, schools, businesses, social service providers, religious organizations, and the community. Topics include: domestic violence awareness and prevention, sexual assault awareness and prevention, signs of abuse, effects of abuse on children, dating violence, elder abuse, and many more.
Men Helping Men is a group for men who are or fear they may become abusive to their partner or children. It is a 16-week program designed to end the cycle of abuse in relationships. The primary goal of Men Helping Men is to increase victim’s safety by facilitating change in the abuser’s behavior and holding the abuser accountable for changing their patterns of behavior, thinking, and beliefs.
The Victim Services Program provides assistance in determining eligibility for crime victim’s compensation and can also assist in the completion of a compensation claim.