Blair County Homeless Statistics

Local statistics for the 2018/19 fiscal year for the Family Shelter:

  • 202 = the number of men, women, and children that utilized the Family Shelter for services
  • 5124 = the number of days of shelter that were provided
  • 788 = the number of calls requesting shelter services who were turned away because the shelter was full

While we are fortunate to be able to provide shelter services to those in our community, the numbers indicate that we need to do more. Our task is to ensure all men, women and children are not turned away due to lack of space at the Family Shelter.

“Each month we turn away almost 70% of the people who call ES looking for shelter services.

The absolute hardest part of my job is having to turn away twice as many individuals and families than we are able to serve.”

~Bryan Lytle, shelter supervisor


Anyone that becomes homeless does not have to stay that way. With your generous support we can make a difference.