Course certified by ‘USA Track & Field - Road Running Technical Council

Race starts on the road SW of the Chapel Parking Lot of PSU Altoona, East across IVYSIDE DRIVE to 25TH AVE.(Runners must keep right of the centerline), Left (SE) on 25TH AVE. (turn is governed by cones on the centerlines, even with the curb) to BROADWAY ST., Left (NW) on BROADWAY ST. (cones again determine the turn; Runners keep right of centerline.) to WOPSONONOCK AVE., Right (NE) on WOPSONONOCK AVE. to WEHNWOOD RD. (Runners keep right of centerline). Left (NW) on WEHNWOOD RD./GWIN RD. to RIDERS FARM RD. (Runners keep right of centerline), Left (SW) on RIDERS FARM RD. (turn governed by cone placed in center of road, parallel with the, SE side of RIDERS FARM RD. Runners keep right of center of road)’ Left (SE) on JUNIATA GAP RD. (turn determined by cone placed at center of JUNIATA GAP RD. parallel to JGR. Runners must keep right of centerline) to WOPSONONOCK RD., Left (NE) on WOPSONONOCK RD. (turn determined by cone paced at center of road, concentric, with the inner curb. Runners must keep right of center line) to IVYDALE DRIVE.! Left (NW) on IVYDALE DRIVE (turn determined by cones placed in center of road along a concentric arc out from the inner curb; runners keeping to the right of the centerline, then turning right into the first entrance of the Chapel Parking Lot, and making a counterclockwise turn around the first island, keeping to the right of a series of cones to exit southeasterly to make a second complete loop, to finish as shown.

All racers will be timed with electronic chip timing devices, provided by Miles of Smiles Timing Services.