“Did you know Family Services Incorporated (FSI) traces its roots back to 1928?”

Family Services Incorporated started 90 years ago as an affiliation with the Children’s Aid Society of Pennsylvania. Its main objective was to care for orphans and destitute children in order to prevent commitment of these children to county homes, county jails and reformatories.

Providing Services To Blair County PA

For the 2016-2017 fiscal year, Family Services provided services to 3,140 individuals and families in Blair County, Pennsylvania. FSI provides its expertise and support in the following areas:

  • Offering shelter services and specialized housing.
  • Targeting prevention of abuse and victimization.
  • Empowering those dealing with the results from abuse and victimization.
  • Assisting victims of trauma from events or relationships in their lives.
  • Through self-determination and the use of guiding principles, Family Services Incorporated provides personalized support to individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Since its beginning, this private community benefit organization has adapted its services and programs to address the unmet needs of our community. With your help, Family Services will continue those efforts for the next 90 years.